Angel's Wings

Having recently lost my Aunt, my mother's sister, and now being very close to losing my Uncle, my dad's brother, I was prompted to write this poem during my journal time with God. I hope it provides comfort to others...

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Angel's Wings
by Bonnie Terk

Angel's wings wrap around the soul
For a journey to the afterglow
Where youth restored won't grow old
And vibrant gardens begin to unfold

To those who sought, asked and knocked
The gates swing open
Not narrow, but wide
To welcome a friend to eternal life

Where mothers hold their babes once more
And families are forever restored
To what the heavenly Father chose
From the beginning of time arose

Weep not for those in the heavenly realm
For their troubles are gone and their memories are well
Weep for the memories no longer created
And hold tight to the ones already stated

Live as though they are by your side
For they look over you from eternal life
Keeping watch both day and night
Waiting with opened arms for your souls flight

Don't hurry through the life your living
But cherish every breath your breathing
For there is a reason and purpose for you to proclaim
And when he greets you God will explain

Be joyful for the time you've had
Whether it was short or long lived
For the time spent with loved ones lost
Was a blessing from your loving God

(originally posted at on February 11, 2013)

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